2019 * Série 8 Pièces Euro ITALIE BU

22,99 €
21,84 €


Italian Euro coins

Series 8 coins from Italy year 2019, quality BU, from coin set.
Italian Euro coins have a design unique to each denomination, though there is a common theme of famous Italian works of art from one of Italy's renowned artists. Each coin is designed by a different designer.

1ct: The Castel del Monte
2ct: Mole Antonelliana in Turin
5ct: The Colosseum in Rome

10ct: The Birth of Venus by painter Sandro Botticelli
20ct: The futurist sculpture by Umberto Boccioni
50ct: The Equestrian Statue of Marcus Aurelius

1€: Vitruvian Man, drawing by Leonardo da Vinci
2€: Portrait of Dante Alighieri by painter Raphael

Technical Details:

2019 * Série 8 Pièces Euro ITALIE BU

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